Student Enrollment
Click on your login name on the top right of the screen or go to Edit profile under Settings. Enter your details, including tags, to connect you with other Moodle users. When a student clicks on the name of your course they will be asked to payment. after payment successfull student get the access of course.
Find the block in the left column of the course screen titled Course Administration. The block contains a GradesgradeIcon link to your grades for this course. Click the Grades link. You will see a User Report table containing all graded items from your course. If you don't see any grades, your instructor may not be using the gradebook. Contact your instructor for clarification. If you don't see a grade for one of your assignments, it may be that your instructor has not uploaded those grades or made this grade category visible to students. Please contact your instructor for clarification.
Virtual Class
The virtual classroom activity, also known as Big Blue Button, lets your instructor conduct an online session with your students. Features include a file presentation tool with white board capability, a chat feature, and the ability for the instructor to send video and audio directly from his computer using its camera and microphone.
Set Profile Picture
In the Administration block, find the My profile settings section and click on the Edit profile link. Scroll down to the User picture section. To delete the existing picture, click the box next to Delete. Note that your OneCard picture will automatically appear in its place within the next day. To prevent this you must upload a picture of some kind. If you are uploading a new picture, you don’t have to delete the original picture. To add a new picture either drag a picture to the files block in the New picture section or click on the icon in the upper left of the New picture section to bring up the File picker. When the file picker comes up, click on Upload a file. Click on the Browse button. Click on Choose File to select an image file. The file should be either a .png or .jpg file. It will be cropped and resized as needed. When done, click on Upload this file. Back in the Edit profile page, scroll down the bottom of the page and click on the button Update profile.