How do I start using Moodle?
If you would like to see how Moodle works (with examples) and play with it, you can check the School Demo site.
HELP! I've deleted something that I need! Can I get it back?
Current Moodle courses are backed up each week. Different courses are backed up each day, with two versions of the backup being kept (i.e. this week's and last week's backups). This means that, if you delete something that you need, you have at least a week to ask us to restore it (possibly as much 13 days, depending pon which day your course was backed up). All you have to do to get the material restored is contact the IT Service Desk ( NB We can restore your material to a new course so your active teaching material is not disturbed.
Where does my profile picture appear?
Your profile picture is available publicly throughout Moodle and will be seen next to your name. It will help identify you in discussion forums and when your lecturer marks assignments.
How do I view my modules in Moodle?
When you login you will see the My Courses section in the middle of the page. This section should list all the modules you are undertaking. If you cannot see your module, ask your lecturer to check your enrolment settings or ensure it is set to be visible to students. Click into one your modules and note that they are also all listed in the Navigation block on the left.
Where will the module content be located?
All your course content will be located in the relevant course area’s topic blocks down the centre of the page. These topics can be collapsed or hidden under the course overview. You can also find content by clicking the section headings in the Navigation block. This will include assignments. Your lecturer may have added the Activities block which also shows an overview of content such as quizzes and assignments – click these links to view them.
How do I view upcoming events for my course?
Your lecturer will have either the Calendar, Upcoming Events block or both enabled in your module page. These will show upcoming assignment deadlines and any dates the lecturer adds. You can also add your own personal calendar dates.
How do I connect with other students?
If your lecturer has added the block ‘Online users’ you can view other Moodle users who are online at the same time as you. Click their name to view their profile and send a message to them. You can also message other students by clicking their profiles within a discussion forum.
How do I access/download files?
Click the links within your module page. Uploaded files may include a number of file types eg. pdf, .docx (Word) or .xlsx (Excel). Lecturers have a choice of display formats so a document will open in the relevant software or maybe embedded in the page. If you don’t have Microsoft software at home you can download free viewers for Word/PowerPoint documents. Alternatively, ask your lecturer to save these documents as .pdf as they can be opened and read easily on tablets/mobiles as well as computers.
When I click on a link, nothing happens
If you are trying to access a file within a Moodle course your browser maybe set to block downloads. Look towards the top of your browser window and you may see an information bar to resolve this; select either ‘temporarily allow downloads’ or ‘more options’ to permanently allow any downloads. You may find that Firefox or Chrome are better browsers than Internet Explorer to use with Moodle.
I can't see my course material (e.g. a file, powerpoint, etc.)
The staff member running the Moodle course area (your lecturer or an administrator) is responsible for placing course content online. If you have been directed to find materials on the course page by your lecturer but cannot see them, you should speak directly to your lecturer to see if they have made it available.
Where do I find my grades?
Use the Grades link under the Settings block on your module page. This link shows grades both for assignments within the module, and as an overview of your course.
How do I upload my assignment files?
This will depend on the type of assignment by set your lecturer. See relevant help guides on how to upload files for different types of assignments that may be set.
What is the maximum file size?
The maximum file size for your assignment upload will be set by your lecturer according to what he/she thinks is a reasonable limit, so if you are having trouble keeping your file within the limit, contact your lecturer directly. Moodle has a general limit of 100MB so most files will be fine to upload, the exception being video.
Can I resubmit my assignment?
This is up to your lecturer. If your lecturer has activated this option when setting the assignment then you should be able to take back your assignment and resubmit by selecting the ‘edit my submission’ icon. If you cannot take back your submission, you will have to contact your lecturer to ask what you can do.